Police Let White College Kid Off the Hook After He Juggles For Them

Police Let White College Kid Off the Hook After He Juggles For Them

While black people are being killed on a regular basis by cops for no just reason, this white college student pulled over by police got off by juggling! Yeah, you read that right. JUGGLING.

Blayk Puckett was pulled over while driving slow with a broken tail light earlier this month. Cops thought he could have been drunk or on something. “I was driving my car down the road and one of the campus police officers got right behind me. I already knew that I had a brake light out and so I was trying to drive as carefully as possible,” Blayk told InsideEdition.

Blayk pulled over into a parking lot and showed the cops his brake light, that's when—without their guns drawn—they realized he was completely sober. However, after the cops noticed that his license plate read “JUGGLER,” they asked for a little show before letting him go! Blayk pulled out three bowling pins, and got to juggling as the officers smiled on.

Watch the dashcam video below…

“I’ve never juggled or done any kind of magic for an officer before," Blayk admitted. "Well, I mean, at least not while I was in the middle of a traffic stop. They were definitely having a good time. There was a lot of laughs."

Ha. Ha. That’s all well and good, and entertaining to see, but it’s really interesting that this young white man, could be pulled over by cops, break out into a juggle, and get off. Meanwhile, Philando Castile was shot seven times and killed during a traffic stop, in front of his daughter no less. 

Consider yourself lucky Blayk, because this story screams white privilege.

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