Close Friends Develop a Mobile Shower Facility to Help the Homeless in Florida

Close Friends Develop a Mobile Shower Facility to Help the Homeless in Florida
Palm Beach Post

These close friends have come up with a clever way to help the homeless in their community! 

Chris Bentley and Carlos Miller, friends since middle school, wanted to give back and started a nonprofit of their own called Live FRESH (Feeling Revitalized Encourages Sustainable Happiness). As a part of that movement, the two are giving back to the homeless in their home area of Palm Beach County, Florida, with a unique mobile shower facility!

Using a huge trailer, the friends and their team designed and created an air-conditioned place for the homeless to wash, change, and refresh themselves after being out on the streets. Decked out with six private bathrooms and changing rooms, as well as washcloths, towels, and  toiletries, this trailer is NICE y’all.

Check out the innovative shower below!

Officially launched on March 31, the program has assisted around 250 people, with each of them receiving a package of personal hygiene items like deodorant, soap, towels, toothpaste, etc. With a $100,000 grant from Impact the Palm Beaches and smaller donations from other organizations, Chris and Carlos have been able to make their vision come true and truly make a difference in the lives of others! 

For Chris and Carlos, this shower trailer was a must, and they hope to expand to other parts of the county soon!  “For us, that’s where dignity and self-respect starts … with the ability to stay clean and be presentable,” Chris said in an interview. “Cleanliness is a fundamental need. We actually see it as basic human right, and because the homeless population can be hard to reach, we knew we would have to come to them and make ourselves available in areas they could easily reach.”

Incredible! This creative idea gives the homeless the opportunity to not only clean themselves up, but get health screenings and referral services to potentially make better lives for themselves. This would be a great idea to have all over this country, and is a step in the right direction in aiding the homeless population! 

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