This Black Woman Can't Find A Prosthetic Limb That Matches Her Skin Tone & People Are Upset!

black woman prosthetic
Rahab Wanjau / The Huffington Post

Rahab Wanjau, a black woman in Canada, recently had to have her left leg amputated due to a deformity on her left leg. Now she is having struggles just to get a prosthetic foot to match her skin tone…because it’s not covered under her health insurance! 

Rahab wrote a Facebook post admitting that she only had two options for a prosthetic foot covering: one that was way too light and another that was too dark. She reached out to Ottobock, the company that manufactured the foot, and was told that only they or another professional could permanently change the color. 

But, if she wanted that, she’d have to come out of pocket because her health insurance refused to foot the bill. Why? It's considered a "luxury." A luxury to have a foot that matches her own skin...really?!

Rahab ended up choosing the lighter foot shell, hoping to be able to hit it with some dye herself to darken it up a bit herself. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy with how it turned out:  

It's outright ridiculous and shameful because this is something that Rahab has to live with. And, after finally coming to terms with the loss of her leg, now she has to walk around with a yellow-toned foot because a matching prosthetic is a “luxury?” Come on now!  "I would love to feel whole again," she told The Huffington Post. "To feel more confident, to embrace this artificial part that is now part of my body." Like we all would if we were in Rahab’s shoes! 

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