Teen Was Busted For Stealing Clothes But This Cop Changed His Life: 'We All Make Mistakes'

Cop Buys Clothes Shoplifter

This kind act from a police officer towards a shoplifter just helped the man get a job!

Officer Niran Jevanesan was called out to a local department store to handle an 18-year-old who was caught stealing. But what the young man stole caught Niran’s attention. He tried to make off with a dress shirt, a tie, and some socks…definitely not normal items a teen might steal. Maybe a fresh t-shirt or jewelry, but who steals a tie and socks for no good reason???

So Niran asked the boy to open up about why he stole those specific items. It turns out that the teen took them all so he could go on a job interview! His father is sick and unable to work, so he wanted to help bring some income in. "In this case, something clicked and I believed in him,” Niran said. 

So Niran did something pretty unconventional when handling a shoplifting case. He spoke to the store manager and paid for the clothes the 18-year-old chose out of his own pocket!

Even though the teen still had to go down to the station, officers decided not to charge him. And, not only did he not catch a case, the young man managed to snag a job while wearing the clothes! 

"It was a case that allowed us to use our discretion. You could truly see that this person was trying to do something with his life,” he said. "This is a chance where we get to do something good. We all make mistakes and someone, at some point, gives us a second chance."

Hopefully, this teen uses this second chance well and never tries to steal again! 

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